Typical Day

At Brant Lake Dance Camp girls come to our program with different strengths, interests and needs. As noted, to accommodate this we structure the day to allow a girl to choose varied levels of each dance genre—Hip-hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, Tap, and design her own schedule. Additionally, she can choose other camp activities including arts and crafts, waterfront and a number of other sports activities.

Girls sign up for their morning classes/activities after breakfast and afternoon classes/activities after lunch. Our dance teachers, counselors and directors are available to help each camper design her schedule to fit her needs.

Brant Lake Dance Camp is a place for girls who like to be active as well as make their own choices about their schedule and activities. Girls can take anywhere between 2 and 6, one hour dance classes per day. Because we offer so many dance classes each day we don't have a traditional "Rest Period". Therefore girls can choose to take a "free" period once a day—to relax in their bunks, in our lounge areas, on our lawn or in in an Adirondack chair reading or writing letters. They can also have one of our healthy snack options at the girls' clubhouse whenever they chose—which include yogurt, snack bars, fruit or juice among others.

There are also always counselors around to hang with the girls when they're on "Free", so a girl will never feel like she is alone, even when her friends may be taking a class that she doesn't take.

A typical day at Brant Lake Dance Camp looks like this:


8:00 AM Breakfast in the Girls' Clubhouse (in pajamas)

8:45 – 9:15 Clean Up Bunks / Get ready for classes

9:15 – 10:30 Ballet 3, Tap 1, Arts & Crafts, Waterskiing, Tennis, Jogging

10:30 – 11:30 Ballet 1, Tap 2, Contemporary 2, Arts & Crafts, Fitness, Tennis

11:30 – 12:30 Ballet 2, Tap 3, Contemporary 1, Arts & Crafts, Tennis

12:30 PM - Lunch in the Girls' Clubhouse




1:30 – 2:30 Jazz 2, Hip Hop 1, Basketball, Intensive Tennis

2:30 – 3:30 Jazz 3, Hip Hop 2, Arts & Crafts, Tennis, Climbing Wall

3:30 – 4:30 Waterfront (Skiing, Sailing, Kayaking, Swimming, Beach Volleyball or Just Sunning)

4:45 – 5:45 Jazz 1, Hip Hop 3, Arts & Crafts, Intensive Tennis

6:00 – 6:45 Showers

Note: By keeping our program small (50 girls maximum) we can change the schedule weekly, even daily if necessary. so that a girl never has more than one conflict in her classes a week.

In this way, for example; a girl who takes six hours of Ballet and three hours of Jazz a week at home (and has little time in her busy schedule to do little else), can come to camp and now also take Hip Hop/Tap/Contemporary (at the appropriate level), tennis, water skiing, etc-- while still keeping up with the levels of Ballet and Jazz she takes at home.

By having the opportunity to really get to know and practice another discipline, a young dancer will broaden her skills and see an overall improvement in her dancing.



6:45 Dinner

7:30- Evening Activity

Evening activities vary daily and the girls have a number of fun and unique opportunities. Some evenings, the whole camp will have games together, some nights are special events with Brant Lake Camp for Boys, other nights we have special events for just the 3rd – 6th graders and for the 7th -9th graders there's a choice of a co-ed activity or other fun activity. All evenings are carefully tailored to the girls' interests, with sensitivity towards their maturity levels.

On Sundays we have a different schedule in Camp. The girls wake up at 10 AM and have a special brunch. This is then followed by two periods of special workshops as well as Enchoreo/choreography mentoring. At 2PM the camp gathers in the girls' clubhouse for healthy snacks. Then we all go down to the lake for a co-ed afternoon which begins at the waterfront then continues to a lakeside cookout at 4PM. The younger girls then have their own movie night and the older girls have the option of either a co-ed movie or one for just them. At 8PM we gather all together for a hardy snack and a regular bedtime.

Trips and Special Events:

One day a week is a Trip day. The various day trips are to; a Six Flags Amusement park; to the Saratoga Performing Arts Center to see a New York City Ballet performance with dinner out in Saratoga; Lake George and mini golfing, an easy hike in our beautiful Adirondack foothills, and white water rafting.

For the older girls in camp, they will also be allowed to choose one or two Special Evenings off-campus a summer. The choices may include an evening out for dinner and a movie, a music concert in Saratoga or Albany, a special show or another event in the area.

All of our trips out of camp continue to have a counselor to camper ratio of about 1-4. All admittance fees/tickets and meals are also included in the session fee.