Dance Facilities and Living Areas

The dance facilities at the Dance Camp include the following--

-Three professional instructional/rehearsal studios.

-A 60 x 30 foot mirrored dance studio features barres overlooking a picturesque wooded area. Used primarily for Ballet.

-A 62 x 40 foot studio with a padded Marley floor and mirrors. This studio is used for Contemporary, Jazz, Hip-hop and En Choreo-- as well as performance.

-A 30 x 40 foot fully mirrored studio for Tap.

-A beautiful and spacious, pine-paneled Adirondack clubhouse with its own kitchen and dining areas is used for eating as well as activities and co-ed socials.



-Our living quarters include the main lodge, which also has a large,comfortable lounge for get-togethers and four other cabins—all of which are carpeted and are equipped with sinks, showers and toilets.

-A large lawn area outside the living area with Adirondack chairs for relaxing and reading

-Talent Shows and major performances take place in Brant Lake Camp's Junior Clubhouse with a raised and fully lighted stage and seating/viewing for about 500 people.

The Dance Camp campus also has a number of its own sports facilities, in addition to the boys camp facilities it sometimes utilizes, including a soccer/multi-sports purpose field, volleyball court and tennis court.